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Siskiyou Insurance College Scholarship

Several months ago, the team at Siskiyou Insurance was discussing options for starting a higher education scholarship for Southern Oregon students. The problem was we didn't know how to go about it or how to find a deserving student to support. That's when we connected with Jen Perry from College Dreams. She was able to meet with our team and present an option that makes the most out of our contribution. After a decision was made, Jen informed us that high school graduation was when the scholarship would be presented and we would have the opportunity to aide in selecting the winning applicant.

Check out the video of Jennifer breaking down the logistics of the great program we decided to go with. College dreams helped turn our $500 contribution into $2000!

Now that graduation is right around the corner and it is time to select a recipient, Jen presented us with a variety of recommended applicants. These applicants were required to submit an extremely robust application including, their transcripts, multiple reference letters, a detailed account of their extracurricular activities, and an essay. We were given a guideline for creating a rubric to ensure each application was reviewed equally. After much deliberation, our recommendation was submitted to College Dreams and we can't wait to see if our selection will be the winning applicant.

We will announce the winner as soon as the selection process is completed.

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