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The Colors Of Spring!

Siskiyou Insurance Spring 2023 Coloring Contest

It all started last fall, when reminiscing about the good days of being a kid. When Coloring contests and writing contests were fun activities to showcase our skills(or lack of). We then decided we needed to bring it back. So...we began a new tradition at the office. We decided we would put on a Fall coloring Contest 2022. The results were just amazing, colorful pumpkins and scarecrows filled the walls with 150 entries of all ages. Because of the interest and talented kids, we decided to make it a Bi-annual event. Making it a spring and fall contest for the local kids to enjoy.

After an anticipated wait, the Spring Coloring contest of 2023 was underway. With the price of eggs being so high we thought we would help a parent out and give the kids a basket of eggs to color. They did not disappoint.

The Gallery at Siskiyou was overflowing.

We had entry upon entry coming in. From all over the valley. Homeschool, public school, childcare and more....

180 entries were counted, surpassing the f all contest. Our walls, windows and doorways were covered in so much creativity and talent. We knew it was going to be a hard call for the winners to be picked.

We had rainbows eggs and patterned eggs. Colorful spotted eggs with glitter and realistic eggs. Dino eggs, turkey eggs and the traditional chicken eggs. We even had chickens hatching from the eggs. This was the most creative group of kids by far.

Then it was time...

The time came down to vote. It was a hard task I assure you. We decided to give out free drink cards from GP Nutrition as honorable mentions prizes, because the talent was too good not to recognize. Our Grand Prize winners won Movie cards and 2nd place won baskets.

It was a COLORFUL start to spring...


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