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Here's to Two...

It has been two years since our Jackson County expansion with Siskiyou Insurance of Medford.

Since it's our two year anniversary of our Jackson County office, we had to take a moment to reflect on those first weeks of opening and the celebration of being able to better serve our customers in the Medford and surrounding areas.

Opening our doors with an agent on site in Medford has brought so much help to our customers.

We are hopeful that we will be growing the Medford office by adding more staff and agents in the near future. This will better serve the needs of Jackson County.

Our Grand Opening was a time of free snow cones and fun. Opening up the office for the community to check out the area and new space was a blast, especially while enjoying a cold treat in the heat of the day.

It has been two years and we can not wait to see what this next year brings. From snow cones to agents we are open to all the possibilities. Keep checking back to see what else is gong on here at Siskiyou Insurance.


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